Sailing Mango

Where To Live

"I will destroy you!", says Annie.
"I have to poop! I will destroy you!"
"You! Yes you, five hundred feet away! i have to poop and I WILL destroy you! And poop!"

Or so we think that is what she is saying. Judging by her behavior pre and post poop, it seems very likely. I guess like a lot of us, she is much more civilized after a good bowel (or howl, ha-ha!) movement.

Because of this, in part, the kids and i have decided that a fenced yard is a must so the dogs can run, run, and run some more, each and every day. And poop.

While Kristen is off on a non-violent communication retreat, the rest of us have been hitting, on average, a place a day to decide what will become our home for the next year or so. It is a little strange to look at rental property after being house owners for the past eighteen years. We decided not to buy for both economical reasons, and for the fact that we are not sure exactly where we will be over the next five years. Probably we will be here in the PNW, but we have been reluctant to commit to the anchor of being a land owner.

Kristen returns to our luxury long term living hotel this evening. We will swing by one of the homes tonight (whispering 1640 sq ft, 4br, 2 bath), hit another tomorrow (880 sq ft, 3br, 1 bath), and see if either will work. A friend from our old neighborhood has introduced us to her neighbor who is renting their home, so perhaps that would work out, which would be great.

Until then, we are a bit transient, and honestly it feels OK. I suspect we are a little more comfortable with uncertainty since our voyage south. Uncertainty, in some sense, is a way of life, cruising on a boat.