Sailing Mango

Planning For The New

I was in the waiting room at the dentist, when an American couple came out smiling.

Man: "Watch out, he's a masochist! Wait, are we the masochists?"
Me: "Yeah, that would be us."
Man: "So he is the what, sadist?"
Wife, nodding
Me: "Yeah, he's the sadist, we are the masochists. This is my second time in three days in fact."
Dentist, smiling, nodding, I don't think understanding, then to me: "Just give me a moment to clean the knives."

OK the dentist didn't say it quite like that. I was returning to get a mouth guard fitted, $30 US total vs $250 in the states. Apparently I grind my teeth while sleeping. And the teeth cleaning that all four of us went to was fine.

It was while I was sitting in the chair, waiting for the dentist to mix the mouth guard molding stuff that I began to tear up. I had to think of, ironically, of my nieces wedding that I officiated at last June. While speaking in front of 150+ people, marrying my lovely niece and now husband, the only way I could avoid crying was to think of our new solar panel install that I was planning out, right during the ceremony. So it was only fitting that while I was thinking about our plans for the boat, plans that are difficult to write about, that I thought of their wedding as a distraction.

We plan on selling Mango in San Diego this Spring/Summer.

There it is, on the Internet. It must be true.

When we first got serious about selling all our stuff, buying a boat and going sailing, we all agreed to do at least one year out. As that year drew to a close, we would assess what we wanted to do. Those conversations have been happening, and as a family we have decided to sell the boat and move back to Seattle. Honestly I am fine with that. I feel so lucky and blessed, not just for me, the person who really wanted this, but for them too. This will be a year we will never forget, the good and the bad. Excellent friendships have been made, experiences had, and dogs dunked unexpectedly on more than one occasion.

Other options included sailing on with friends to the South Pacific, keeping the boat in Mexico and returning next Fall, keeping the boat with a charter company in the PNW, etc. But really, the only truthful answer that we have right now is to think fondly of what we have been doing, and move on to the next phase of life.

This is not the end of the blog. We still have three months in Mexico to explore with, and then we will likely end up in San Diego with the boat on the market in May. After that we will still sail with the local yacht club, I hope, maybe join a sailing club, and maybe, after some time has passed, pick up a little sailboat. Just a little one.

A coconut from some workers trimming a tree.

The guys working on Mango's toe rail and topsides.

Our neighbors, the local fishing fleet.

Christmas still on display in La Cruz.

It took me a bit to figure out the bakeries in the supermarkets. You grab an aluminum tray and tongs, pile it high with inexpensive breads and baked goods, then bring it to a counter where it is priced and bagged. Piling up a platter with yummy baked goods is one of my highlights when going shopping.