Sailing Mango

Peril and Paradise

Today we motored back to Paradise Village in Nueva Vallarta, in preparation for our departure to the States. The port captain that can clear us out of the country is in Nueva Vallarta, and PV has potable water, so that is where we landed today. We hope to leave Wednesday, but found out today that we may need to wait another day, as the port captain requires two days notice to clear out a boat. Hopefully tomorrow morning we can convince him to do it Wednesday.

Last night was the usual fabulous, with a bit of melancholy. We had dinner out with a bunch of newish friends, since dining out in Mexico is quite affordable, and just a wonderful wrap up to the day. This time around was particularly nice, since we left the kids at one restaurant, eleven kids, and the grown ups went to another. Nice! The adult restaurant was essentially a woman cooking on a big griddle/grill outside of her home I think, with some tables and chairs on the street. And it was oh so good. The kids at in the street as well, but it seems their restaurant is a bit more established, dare I say high end? Well not really.

After dinner we once again went to the square to find the kids all playing a big game together, ages seven or so through eighteen, the epitome of delight in my eyes. Then we hustled over to the triple decker trampoline, only in Mexico I think, and finally around eleven at night, slowly meandered back to our dinghy to return to Mango.

What's not to love, right? Fine dining, excellent friends, kids off on their own, hot, sweaty and wonderfully happy. The downer for the evening is that we had to leave today, so the goodbyes were a little tough. Oh sure, we all had our casual faces on, "we'll see you soon, come visit, until next time!". But honestly, there are some we will see again as they head north to work for a season, and some that will be more difficult to see as they either stay in the Sea of Cortez, or jump for the Marquesas in a week.

This is the peril and paradise of travel, meeting excellent people, befriending them in an instant, and then having to say "until we meet again!", whenever that may be. Already friends that have left were posting on social media how much they miss the crew of La Cruz! We are saying the same.

Even worse, one of the boats that we already bid aduje to, was in the anchorage again this morning, complete with wonderful kids. Ah, well that is just how it goes. We are so fortunate and blessed to have met and gotten to know such truely outstanding people, the adults too!

For now, since the five star resort has few economical gastronomical choices, we will splurge, sociologically speaking, on Subway. It is the boy's favorite, so that is that. Tomorrow we are planning on a nice dinner for what may be our last restaurant in Mexico, and then we say goodbye.

Only in Mexico...

Hot and sweaty kids after jumping.

Easter eggs, with some colors made from local ingredients, cruiser style.

What a fabulous gaggle of kids!

Yet another boat full of wonderful people, of all ages.

Our last day in La Cruz, and this nice guy stops by to say hello.

The view off the end of our dock in Paradise Village.