Sailing Mango

My Boat Work Time Theory

My theory on boat work is that the time it takes to do something on a boat is equal to the time it takes to do a thing in a house times the square of two for every adverse factor on the boat, starting with two squares of two. Take a way a sqr2 if the boat, for some odd reason, makes it easier. If the task at hand is never done in a house, like installing a new engine, any attempts at time estimates are for nought and impossible, don't even try.

For example, installing a simple fan. Let's say it takes thirty minutes to install a little fan in a house. About five minutes to drill and mount the fan, and twenty five minutes to run the cables. On a boat the adverse factors we have are:
  • Start with 2 x sqr2 = 2
  • Living on the boat while working on it: sqr2
  • Dogs. Cursed dogs: sqr2
  • Removable wooden panels instead of drywall, something actually easier on a boat: -sqr2

So we have 30 min x 2 (starting ) x sqr2 (living on a boat) x (sqr2 for dogs but minus a sqr2 for wooden panels, so they cancel).

Fan install = 30min x 2 x sqr2

Fan install = 84 minutes, roughly.

Yesterday it took me about two hours to install a little fan , so my theory is off a bit. The extra 36 minutes was probably me taking off way too many panels and later deciding to run the wiring differently. I would have done something similar in a house too. Admittedly I am a slow learner, so this, ah, opportunity to slow down, will be with me for a while. Maybe I should introduce the "ignorance factor", another sqr2.

Obligatory new fan pictures (it has been a little hot lately):

The pics below show terminal strips that I particularly like. Most commonly they are called European connectors, but I'm not sure that is their official name. I like them because they are easy to use, and you can cut off as many terminals as you need.

This is just a pair, used to join three wire sets. One is for the fan, another for a 12v outlet, and a third for the source wires. In the past I have used oversized butt connectors, but they are a pain (in the butt har har), and permanent.

Here are four terminals. One side shows the brown source wires and jumpers, and other side shows point of use wires for a USB charger and lights.

And there you have it. I sorta squishy way to estimate how long a project will take on a boat. You're welcome.