Sailing Mango


When we arrived in Mazatlan, we went to the El Cid marina and resort, where we spent five days. The days were mostly boat work and home school in the morning, followed by hitting the pool in the afternoon. El Cid is a full service resort, with pools, laundry service, a spa, ping-pong, good food at high prices, and lots of iguanas. Very nice if you are looking for that ultimate in relaxation, but not authentic Mexican.

We managed to slip away to the centro historico, old Mazatalan, for a day of shopping and wandering with s/v Me Too. Most of our Christmas shopping was done on that day at various galleries and little tiendas. I’m sure the gallery prices were high, but they still felt low. I think we would have to go up into the smaller towns for better pricing, and likely a more relaxed pace as well.

The US State Department has issued travel warnings for various regions of Mexico. Mazatlan is “safe", but all of Sinaloa except for Mazatlan is tagged as dangerous. Maybe it is like the inverse of Illinois. Don’t go to Chicago, but the rest of the state is fine. When we speak with other US persons who have spent a lot of time in Mazatlan, none of them are concerned. One area of concern is apparently the anchorages. Both of the common anchorages are reported to be high theft areas, so most people stay in the marinas.

From El Cid we moved into an apartment for a week, and now we are in a house though the first week of January while the boat is on the hard. I will detail the boat work in another post.

On Christmas day we had another boat family over for dinner, and it was a fine time. Lots of talking, eating, throwing plush snowballs, and movie watching. Since we didn’t have an oven at the apartment we decided to have tuna for dinner. After the presents were unwrapped, I started to prepare the tuna, but the meat didn’t feel right. Emma translated the label to find that we had tuna smoked marlin! Since it was already cooked, we moved on to discovering what dipping sauces we could come up with in our limited galley.

A few days after Christmas we moved to a house where we are now, about half way between the yard and downtown. Later today we will hit the beach with a few other boat folks, and tomorrow I will go to the yard in the morning then off to the aquarium in the afternoon.

It feels very strange to be in a single place for so long. I am quite itchy to be moving, but there isn’t much we can do except enjoy the luxury of a house, explore the city and enjoy our air conditioning.

Emma about to enjoy her frog legs.

The public market, with a little bit of everything.

Locked gates in front of homes and stores is the normal for Mazatlan, and I think quite a bit of Mexico, at least on the west coast. It feels a little different.

Finally we get some good beer!

The day we were in town there were several quinceaneras. This one is inside the large basilica. The dresses were amazing!

One of the El Cid pools from the top of the mast. We had a stuck halyard, a broken light, and general inspection work.

Mi amigo.

We have found movie theaters in Mexico that are amazing. Huge chairs with foot rests, little end tables for our snacks, and service right to our seats. I have never seen theaters this nice.