Sailing Mango

Matts Matts Bay 2012

When I created this website, I knew there was no migration tools for Plone, what I was using on the old website. So from time to time I will copy/paste an article from the old site and put it here, probably with some edits. This article is about our trip to Matts Matts bay two summers ago with Mango, our Ken Ranger 20. Here we go!

Friends of the family have had a cabin on Matts Matts bay since Kristen was a kid, and they have been going there for ever. Our family has now been going there for years, and this time we went in the boat.

Getting ready for any trip with kids and dogs is hard, especially a boat trip which requires us to be somewhere before sun down. So we scrambled around in the heat of the day getting things ready to go. The poor dogs were sweltering until I could rig up a little awning for them on the dock. We did finally get underway around 4 PM, with a three to four hour sail ahead of us. The dogs were not terribly happy on the boat, and Annie really, really wanted to go for a jump into the water. We should have let her.

At eight o'clock we arrived at the dock with two feet of water and a receding tide. Quickly we threw everything on the dock, I zoomed the boat out into the deeper bay, and rowed back in. After we had a quick dinner, unpacked, and got the kids to bed, I began to think. Sipping my beer I realized I had gotten my tidal calculations wrong. "Kristen, how far out do the oysters and rocks go into the muddy bay?" Oh, not far. Surely it is just soft mud beneath the boat". Nice. So for three days the boat dried out and floated with the tides.