Sailing Mango


We have been told that Mexico is mañana land, ¨not today señor¨. While things are definitely slower around here in La Paz, like service at a restaurant, so far it has been us that has been saying mañana. I suppose that means we are not out there busy busy everyday, and not seeing what we could be seeing, but we just don't move that fast.

Example - we were planning on leaving this afternoon to cross the sea of cortez. But after a day of boat prep, I was tired and grouchy, so we leave tomorrow morning. We did discuss, as a family, ways to keep the boat in better trim for leaving. This is important both for flexibility but also safety for dodgy anchorages. Often the only thing that makes a safe anchorage is the ability to get out of there pronto if the weather shifts.

The used autopilot ram I looked at may have worked, but there were enough issues with it, included requiring parts from the US, that we decided to buy new. We have friends coming back to MX just after Christmas, so if we can get it shipped quickly enough, that may work. The good thing about the experience was being able to fit it into the boat with wooden mock-ups for a new mount and tiller.

Our solar setup is more or less complete. We have 600 watts off the aft rails, 300 a side, and so far that has met our power needs. Today, like most days, we had full sun and had full batteries, controllers in float, around 1 pm. If we have a cloudy day or two however, we will need the generator.

Last week Kristen and Emma swam with whale sharks. They eat krill, and pose no real danger to humans. At one point Emma turned around and three feet away and, whoop, there was a shark!

Mostly life has just been boat work in the morning for me and Kristen, and school for the kids. About half the days we get together with friends in the afternoon for a museum, volleyball, dinner, a movie, whatever. The kids seem to be happy overall, and enjoying themselves.

Thanksgiving dinner with friends, kid table in the back.

Usually solar on one side of the boat is shaded, but not useless.

Grocery prices overall tend to be about half what they are in the states. They would be cheaper if we didn't buy imported cheese and the like. Anything made in Mexico is about one third to a quarter of what we would pay in Seattle. We are benefiting enormously from the current exchange rate.

Delicious tacos and a coke for lunch.

Tomorrow we plan to head out for Mazatlan. The winds are predicted to be good for the first day, and then get light. I'd like to sail as much as possible, so it may take us a while. We shall see!