Sailing Mango

Little Things

I wrote this about a month ago in July, so some of the references are a little off.

"Ha-ha, it bugs you, doesn't it?"

Kristen just chuckled. She hadn't been in the shower for more than half a minute before turning off the water, beginning a Navy shower. We haven't yet installed the little valve she bought that goes between the pipe and the shower head, which variably limits the flow rate of the water. We bought it because the shower as is simply sprays the shit out of you. It's like a frickin' waterfall. These little adjustments sort of sum up how land life is going for us.

The last few days have been hot, so we do what we did on the boat. Open windows, spray with water, move to cooler rooms in the house, wear less. Sure, if we had AC we would probably have used it. But we don't, so we adjust. I like that sort of forced adjustment because I really don't have the will power to ignore the easy for the right. That was life on the boat, in spades.

We do love living in a larger space. The house we are in has so much of it, and it is glorious, all 1,400 square feet of it. Yesterday Adam got a pair of Nerf guns for his birthday, and we ran around the house for about an hour shooting each other. It was grand. The dishwasher is fine, other than not working on peanut butter, and the dogs love the back yard where they zoom, zoom, ZOOM! Even with a cone of shame from his recent minor surgery, Biscuit still chases balls, and as he screams towards the ball to snatch it up, for just one instant he plants his rigid cone firmly on the ground, his body ever so slightly compresses with inertia while his head is in statis, grabs the ball and then he is off, and I can swear he is laughing with pure joy as he runs through the yard contently squishing the ball over and over again in his jaws. We are all adjusting to this land life just fine.

We looked at larger homes, but they were just too big for us. All of that space made us feel a little uneasy. What would we do with it all? How would we fill it, much less clean it? Thankfully this house we are renting comes with yard service. Despite the kids claiming that they would have mowed it, I'm not so sure.

We are content, and by "we" I mean Kristen, with tending the little garden areas in front of the house, maybe thirty square feet. Thirty square feet! Imagine. And Kristen finally has a little 35 gallon koi pond in our patio, with three little koi. That makes her very happy.

For now, this is all that we need.