Sailing Mango

La Paz

Last night I went on deck as part of my nightly routine of making sure all was good in the hood, and I was struck by how beautiful it was outside. Mango was very gently rocking in the bay, the lights of La Paz shining all around, surrounded by a bunch of boats at anchor that were not too close. Little waves were kissing the hull, I could smell the sea, and I had just won big on a game on my phone. Nice.

I recall thinking last night how I didn't even want to take a picture, as a picture wouldn't come close to describing the beauty. Well I am out hear again at night tonight, and while it is still pretty damn nice, with a band playing on shore that we can hear, I think I must have been feeling a little schmaltzy and all "it will never be this beautiful again!"

OK I kid you not, a little fireworks show just started, and it is pretty cool.

Today I picked up an autopilot ram that I hope will replace our current broken ram. I have no real interest in fixing it because I feel the design is flawed and dangerous, at least in the way that I have implemented it. Unfortunately it is looking like mounting this new ram leave me with just a few millimeters of clearance between the ram and the hull, which is pretty damn tight. Tomorrow I plan on creating mock-up mounting brackets out of wood to see how it might all go together. If it still looks feasible I will have the brackets made up of steel for the real install. Cross your fingers.

A boat came through our part of the anchorage an hour or so ago at night. I hollered out to watch for the sand bar. The skipper asked how far away it was, I told him, and he started anchoring near but not too close to it. They didn't like that spot, too close to other boats I heard him say (a kindred spirit!) so they upped anchor and then drove right over the sand bar. Apparently it isn't as shallow as I thought! They seemed to try and anchor on top off the bar, but left that location too, and ended up a ways down in a more settled location. I was getting ready to see if he just wanted to raft up and anchor in the morning. It is a rough business trying to come into a new place in the dark. We try to avoid that whenever possible, and so far have avoided it, with several cases of the sun setting twenty minutes after our arrival. Whew!

So we, meaning me, just ate the last of the cheddar, and I'm getting a little worried. Bit by bit our last delicacies from the states are disappearing. I have maybe eight more precious IPAs on board. After those are gone, who knows what will happen. Who knows.