Sailing Mango

Home School

Part of the deal when sailing with school age kids is the necessity for some sort of education. Usually this is with the aim of returning to society at some level, therefore requiring "school". Today was the boy's last day of school as he knows it, and tomorrow he and Kristen will begin to create an outline of what they want to do for home school.

The decision to pull him mid way through regular school was led by the fact that his needs were only being partially met by the school, his desire to explore different areas of knowledge than the school was providing, and to get this portion of our boat transition behind us. We have read several times on sailing blogs that transitioning from land to sea is hard enough, and when you throw regular school to home school all at the same time, it is harder still.

The girl wants to finish up the year. She seems to be able to plow through some of the less savior aspects of school, despite it not working for her as much or more so than the boy. Maturity is certainly a factor being four years older than the boy, and social life is probably part of it as well.

I am very excited for both of them, and for myself and Kristen. I have a strong desire to participate more fully with their lives, and be immersed in their education. Partly because I want to share what I know, and the other is to learn what they have to teach me. Routinely I am surprised at how much I learn from the kids when I am open and willing. Here we go!