Sailing Mango

Heading North, For Real

At ten in the morning, Thursday, the port captain will visit Mango to check us out of Mexico. After that, we will set sail with our eyes towards San Diego. We anticipate the trip will take about three weeks, maybe five, weather and crew dependent.

The first leg will be from Nuevo Vallarta to Bahia Santa Maria, where we plan to stop and rest for a bit, then carry on, weather permitting, and it should take six or seven days. As we pass by Cabo San Lucas, day three or four, we will swing close enough to grab cell coverage and with that a good weather forecast. Forecasts are really important for us, without which we would wander aimlessly, with no one telling us what to do, or when to do it!

From Bahia Santa Maria, we will dash here and there, steadily north, from safe harbor to safe harbor. Exactly which harbors will be dictated mostly by weather, and possibly by fuel or water. We plan on carrying enough fuel to be able to motor almost the entire way, so hopefully that will be a non-issue.

If we cannot get a decent Internet connection and therefore weather info, we will txt with a friend who will relay the forecasts for us. If we cannot get service enough to txt, then we will just use our eyes and the barometer. Fancy that! Fortunately there are a bunch of good anchorages to tuck into if the weather gets bad. If we get too uncomfortable, or want to catch up on some movies while at sea, or possibly bake a pie, we will heave-to, which basically parks the boat on the ocean, drifting safely at around 1 knot downwind, until we decide to put it in gear and get moving again. Heaving to is a remarkable maneuver, that I encourage all of you to do from time to time, weather you have a boat or not.

We do have an epirb, which is a satellite based beacon that, once set off, alerts rescue personnel around the world that we are in trouble. It has information about us as a crew and the boat, but there is no two-way communications. It is a last ditch scream of "help!".

So if you don't hear from us for a while, please don't worry. Unless that epirb goes off, we are just sitting around enjoying our ease, before re-entering the real world.