Sailing Mango

From Shilshole Bay, With Love

by Scott

My plan was to chronicle, biased by memory, our activities for the past four or five weeks, in suitable detail. As more elequent people than me have said, "it ain't gonna happen". We are too busy sleeping in and drinking coffee.

Briefly put, if not properly put, after A-Town and the new rigging, we hit Edmonds for a few days to work on the house. Keith the Rigger stopped by for a day to touch up the rig so we could sail her properly. After a few days, we caught a sublease in Shilshole. That lasted for about 10 days. During that time we worked on the boat, worked on the house, etc. Then back up to Edmonds were we powered through the rest of the house, closed on the house, and continued to work on the house. It takes a very long time to clean out a house, especially when most of that stuff is not going to another house. That story is several posts on it's own. What a week.

A few days ago we came down to Shilshole, where we are today. During the sail down we got a call from Captain Paul, the guy we have been working with to help us take the boat to San Franciso. We hadn't hear from him in a while, as he was doing another delivery. We were hoping he was OK! He will be off of that gig in one and a half to two weeks, and will then fly up here when we have a good weather window. He will not fly out and wait. It is going to be less expensive to pay a bit more for a last minute flight than have him sit with us waiting for weather at his daily rate. Needless to say, we are all really excited about this. As the days were slipping by without word from Paul, it was looking less and less likely that we were going South, which was making us all a bit sad. Cruising in the PNW during the Winter would be wonderful. Beautiful, quite, lots of wildlife, but also wet, cold, and not really ideal for kids, especially when those kids want hot sand.

From Edmonds to Shilshole, we sailed. Winds were moderate, perhaps 10-15 knots. Who really knows? We do have fancy new wind instruments, but alas, they are not connected to the fancy new chart plotter. Like wearing a watch that doesn't have a battery.

"Madame, why don't you have a battery in your watch?"
"Too busy watching the sunset, darling! And I cannot find my car keys."

Back to sailing. Shortly out of Edmonds, we, meaning Kristen, hauled up the mizzen. Then we, meaning we, set the jib. Finally, with much running around on deck, head scratching, stretching to reach stuff just out of reach, we got the main set, and turned off the engine. Bliss. While we love Perry the Perkins, he is a bit loud, and rattles the boat like a jackhammer. When it was just us and the wind, there were smiles and "Well done, mate!" all around. We sailed up wind, down wind, jibed (yes on purpose!), tacked, reefed, and hove-to, smiling the whole time. The boat was great, we were less great, but still elated. To top of all off, Emma and Kristen saw a sea lion about 20 feet off the bow.

Kristen: "I thought it was a log, so I just steered a bit away. Then Bloop! The log rolled, and dove."
Emma: "Mom! Mom! Oooh! Mom!"

I was down below looking for our Rules Of The Road so we would know proper log/sea lion right of way. While he did have the right of way, he seemd to understand the law of tonnage, and dipped out of sight shortly after the sighting.

Yesterday and today were, and and continue to be, cabin clean up days. We have been putting stuff away, and surprisingly getting rid of stuff. It was a little chaotic towards the end of getting out of the house. Stuff went just flew into boxes, garbage, the Goodwill pile, and recycling.

"Oh look, an old rag was in this box!" Exciting!

Tomorrow begins the boat list of stuff to do prior to the trip South. Like getting the alternators working, or at least one of them, verification of the manual bilge pump (it is mounted finally), finishing the autopilot install, and various other items.

Chao Baby!