Sailing Mango

Cruising Laughter

Prior to buying our boat and heading out, I would read blogs of families who were out cruising, and one of the big advantages that stood out to me was having more family time. People waxed on about having breakfast with their kids, homeschooling them, going surfing, diving, taking jungle tours, all with the kids. And surely, that part of cruising came true for us as well. It was wonderful, exciting, and overall really super-duper to have so much hang out time with your kids.

Oddly enough, we really enjoyed our dinners together. Oddly, because lots of people have dinner with their kids, boat or no. We would talk about the day, about swimming, or what the kids did with the other boat kids, or school, or just whatever boat life brought to them and us.

Here is an example of a dinner.

Me: “There was this great movie, “If you could only see what I hear", where a blind guy and his buddy had all of these adventures.

I’ll save your sanity and skip how I humorously recounted the scene with the blind guy jogging next to his bike ridding buddy.

Adam, straight faced: “Oh, blind people can ride bikes."
Emma: “Yea, once." (snort-snort)
Me: “How do they do that?"
Adam: “Like a bat." Still with a straight face.
Me: “Like, they glue a bat to their helmet, and the bat echo locates for them?"
Adam: “Yes!"
Emma, parroting the blind guy: “Wow, this bat is going nuts (whack-whack), what’s wrong with this guy?"
Kristen: "Blind guy gets creamed in an intersection."
Adam, desperately trying not trying to spit out his water “… awww, I just drank my spit."

We were near rolling on the floor laughing together. Only this happened today, and not on the boat.

Yeah, their were times when boat life was really great, when we all smiled widely, laughed, and really felt like we were enjoying life to the fullest. And I feel damn fortunate that those times are still continuing here on the hard.