Sailing Mango

Back In Mexico

Last year, by which I mean Spring of 2017, maybe March or April, my parents and sister’s family agreed to meet in Mexico for a week during December, 2017. A house was booked in Bucerias, the next town over from La Cruz, where we were anchored.

La Cruz is a wonderful town, still very Mexican without too many turista influences. The marina is only ten years old or so, and many cruisers gather and stay for long periods of time, especially those with kids. The anchorage, however, is not so great. It is exposed to the south, and often the swell, combined with the afternoon winds and waves, rocks the boat very uncomfortably.

So there we were this Spring, rockin and rolling on the boat, not feeling very great, when Kristen came up into the cockpit. I pointed to the shore towards Bucerias, and told her my parents had just booked a house for a week on the beach, and we would join them and my sister’s family there in December. She sighted along my arm, imagined a lovely house on the beach and sighed, “Oh, a vacation in Mexico!" We both laughed at the irony of having spent the past five months in Mexico on a boat, yet dreaming of a real vacation.

The house was as lovely as we had imagined. Dinner was being prepared when out families arrived, and the aromas of baking fish, joined with the sublime guacamole, pico, and chips was very welcome after a long day of traveling. There was a pool, beach front with gentle waves on the beach, sand castles, kayaks, and most importantly, family.

From the beach side of the house we could see the boats at anchor in La Cruz. I missed being there. I missed drinking coffee in the cockpit watching the sunrise. I missed dolphins swimming around the boat, watching pelicans dive for fish, taking the dinghy to shore, and spending hours by the little, dingy pool, drinking water-beer and talking to fellow cruisers.

None of us missed the rolly anchorage, schlepping laundry to the lavanderia, sweating just looking at a sunny spot on the ground, and living a high impedance life.

Of course it is more complicated than that. Likes and dislikes, living with the good and the bad are linked at the hip. One does not exist without the other. That holds true even with the dogs. Those sweet, sweet, damn dogs.

The best part of both cruising and our week in MX was the people, the family. We spent time with cruising friends during the week, and on our last night we had dinner with the guy who worked on our decks. We sat around the house, talking, laughing, remembering, and learning more about each other. These people around us have been the greatest gift of the season.